Visiting the EcoPreserve

Visiting the EcoPreserve

The EcoPreserve is open to the Rutgers community as well as the public during daylight hours.

Parking is available at the EcoPreserve parking lot off Road 3 during daylight hours. Parking is also available at several nearby university lots but is restricted to those with a valid RU parking pass. Public parking is also available at adjacent Johnson Park at the base of Cedar Lane. The EcoPreserve is also a short walk from the Rutgers University bus stop at the Livingston Quads on Road 3.

For further information on parking, trails and trail access consult the trail map and brochure.

Trail Courtesy

  • Please keep it clean; take out anything that you bring in
  • Please stay on designated trails
  • Please do not camp or build fires
  • Please do not disturb the soil, vegetation or wildlife
  • No motorbikes or all-terrain vehicles are allowed due to noise and trail damage
  • Please do not mountain/trail bike within 24 hours after rain

Pet Owners: please keep pets leashed and pick up and dispose of waste properly