EcoPreserve as an Outdoor Teaching Area

EcoPreserve as an Outdoor Teaching Area

Part of the EcoPreserve’s mission is to serve as an Outdoor Teaching Area.  A number of courses across the New Brunswick-Piscataway campus use the EcoPreserve as just that, as a Living Laboratory for a variety of field experiences.  The EcoPreserve has mature and earlier successional forest, meadows and headwater streams. There are opportunities for students to set up hands-on research/sampling/monitoring/ecological enhancement projects as well as participate in service learning.  Courses using the EcoPreserve include:

  • Principles of Natural Resource Management (Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources; Instructor: R. Lathrop)
  • Aquatic Ecology (Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources; Instructor: Marci Meixler/Myla Aronson)
  • Ecological Field Techniques (Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources; Instructor: R. Lathrop)
  • Byrne Seminar on Ecosystems & Climate Change (Environmental Science; Instructors: Ben Lintner & Mary Whelan)
  • Biological Principles of Environmental Sciences (Environmental Sciences; Instructor: Kat Dawson)
  • Conservation (Geography; Instructor: Jenny Isaacs )
  • Environmental Seminar (Geography; Instructor: Laura Schneider)
  • Geographical Methods (Geography; Instructor: Asa Rennermalm)
  • Environmental Planning (Landscape Architecture; Instructor: Frank Gallagher)
  • Fungi in the Environment (Plant Biology; Instructor: James White)
  • Poisonous and Edible Mushrooms (Plant Biology; Instructor: James White).
  • Army  and Air Force ROTC training (Reserve Office Training Corps)

To access  Rutgers EcoPreserve Web Map  that has a host of mapped information about the EcoPreserve, go to & sign in with your Rutgers University NetID Login (blue bar on bottom of login box):

For more information on how to download GIS data for your own use, go to this document To access the data through the MapViewer

If you are interested in using the EcoPreserve as part of your courses, please consult with Faculty Director, Rick Lathrop