Invasive Plant Registry

Invasive Plant Registry

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Invasive Plant Identification Map is an interactive way to monitor invasive species and their locations within the Rutgers Ecological Preserve. Sightings of the plants can be added by you to our registry to keep it as up to date as possible. Register here! Observations collected can then be accessed for educational, scientific and recreational uses by the public. By monitoring this phenomena we can estimate the invader flow into an area. Over time we can track the density and movement patterns that ensue.

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The effects that these invaders have can threaten the health and biodiversity of an ecosystem. In recent years we have noticed the existence of sprawling exotic populations and their effect on the world around us. We are moving into an age where the mass movement of people, ideas and plants is a common occurrence. The constant motion has been both beneficial and problematic. The increase in movement has a linear relationship with the transport, establishment and spread of detrimental invasive species in our world. As this problem grows, globally as well as locally, a greater understanding of the interactions, impacts and eradication of these undesirable plants must be a goal on the horizon.