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Tree Finder

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Welcome to Tree Finder! Tree identification and plotting them on a map helps a number of people to spatially analyze the type of tree stands that occur in the Rutgers University Ecological Preserve and potentially how species distribution changes with time. The Preserve is a wonderful public space for recreation and with much of the preserve already mapped, a great place for novice tree identifiers to get started. Plotting trees on a map also allows anyone to embark on a journey to learn how to identify trees! Experts who have already identified a specific tree can plot it on the map where a novice can come to this tree at any time and memorize the characteristics associated with this tree.

What you do with this information is limitless and with the vast number of trees in New Jersey that change every day, the map changes and becomes more accurate the more volunteers we have helping us to identify trees in New Jersey! To aid in your tree identification there are additional resources in the tab above that access various sites that will get you started on how to approach the identification of trees in New Jersey.

If you would like an account to log into the Mappler application and input information into the map, please email with your preferred username and password. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email them to the above address.

Additionally, if you feel that there should be any other link or information on this webpage, please email them to the email above. Thank you very much!

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