Trail counters track student usage

Trail counters track student usage

Was perusing the most recent download of trail usage numbers for the EcoPreserve Green Trail entrance on Avenue E across from the Livingston Quads.

The usage numbers track the Rutgers University campus calendar quite closely: upwards of 300 people weekly during the fall, brief dip during Thanksgiving break, then a longer dip during winter break and then back up again in spring before a prolonged dip during the summer months. The peak usage was 384 people during the week of April 10, 2017.  The Average Daily Traffic is highest during April (43) and September (45). Note that these data do not distinguish between folks entering vs. exiting the EcoPreserve. If people enter and exit out through this same trailhead, then they would be doublecounted.

To see the traffic graphics go to:



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