The Tickbot comes to the EcoPreserve

The Tickbot comes to the EcoPreserve

ODU graduate student surveying for ticks. A sheet of white fabric is swept over the vegetation. Ticks attach themselves  and then are picked off by the researchers. The ticks are put on the blue sticky tape to hold them for identification. 

Dr. Dina Fonseca, Director of the RU Center for Vector Biology, has been surveying the tick population in the EcoPreserve for several years. Surveying here has demonstrated that sections of the EcoPreserve hold a large population of Asian long-horned, lone star and black-legged  ticks, both larval stages and adults. So remember to always take precautions about ticks whenever visiting the EcoPreserve or any nature reserve in NJ.  To learn more

This past week, Dr Holly Gaff of Old Dominion University, VA brought her experimental Tickbot up for a trial run.  The Tickbot is designed to treat a section of trail with permethrin, a tick repellant.  The data on the effectiveness of the Tickbot is still being collected.

To see the Tickbot in action and learn more about ticks, check out this video

To learn more about permethrin

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