RU EcoPreserve participates in SNAPSHOT USA 2022

RU EcoPreserve participates in SNAPSHOT USA 2022

white-tailed deer doe and fawn.

Red fox.

The EcoPreserve again participated in SNAPSHOT USA. Snapshot is a huge collaborative effort to sample mammal populations with camera traps. The study is designed to sample sites stratified across habitats and development zones (suburban/rural/wild/urban) across the US.  The EcoPreserve is New Jersey’s only SNAPSHOT site. For more information go to

Under the direction of EcoPreserve Director, Rick Lathrop, graduate student Kendall Edredge and several undergraduate students set up the cameras, reviewed the imagery and identified and recorded the various species observed. We deployed 15 cameras spread out across the EcoPreserve during the months of October and November 2022. The cameras capture color images during the day and black & white at night.

16 different species, not including humans, were observed.

Species                            # times observed
Eastern Gray Squirrel               155
Northern Raccoon 85
Red Fox 17
White Tailed Deer 14
American Robin 11
Virginia Opossum 6
Domestic Cat 5
Eastern Chipmunk 3
Coyote 2
Downy Woodpecker 2
Long-tailed weasel 2
Wild Turkey 2
American Mink 1
Blue Jay 1
Great Egret 1
Striped Skunk 1
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